OTTO CITTA supports both local and international golf lovers.


Golf Lesson Services

We offer comprehensive golf facilities that are open to members only, including indoor golf lesson areas equipped with a golf simulation system, outdoor driving ranges and patting green turfs, a golf club workshop and a lounge.


Development of Lessons Manuals and Consultation to Open a Golf Club in High Schools & Colleges

Everyone wants to be a better player, and teenage is a crucial period to horn your golf skills dramatically. So, we develop weekly lesson manuals, training tools and layout plans for training areas to cater to the individual needs of schools and colleges to ensure that professional coaches can guide young talents effectively and appropriately. Our system also allows long-distance video golf lessons with golf professionals in collaboration with the school club advisors.


Support Service for Overseas Players in Japan and Japanese Players outside Japan

With an aim to raising the level of Japanese golf tours, we invite overseas players to Japan by providing support for their entry to Japanese tournaments or seeking sponsorship.


Consulting Service for Golf Courses

We provide suggestions for the multi-purpose utilization of Japanese golf courses other than just playing golf, and offer consulting service for acquiring and operating overseas golf courses or improving existing courses and facilities to meet the needs of the times.


Development & Support of Golf Goods

We support the development of goods and products for golf lessons (manufacturing, patent application and marketing). Among other things, we help develop uniquely designed nonstandard clubs to prevent experienced golfers from withdrawing to lesson areas, who grumble that they can't hit long distance anymore or they are just lacking in stamina to play a round.


Golf Apparel

We help manufacturers to produce OEM/private label products for golf courses or stores, and propose large-size golf apparel, gloves and rain gear that major golf apparel brands do not mass-produce so that we can increase the number of new players or call back those who have lost interest in golf because large-size clothes are not readily available.


Education Plans to Develop Japanese Golf Professionals

We hold seminars and workshops for JPGA members and other golf professionals to improve how they manage their businesses.


Dissemination Activities in Japan

We wish to help introduce PGA programs and the GHIN handicapping system in Japan and further disseminate FirstTeeProgram and other initiatives.